If you have had to evict your roommate from your home, you need to think ahead and make sure you protect your property from them. Once someone gets evicted from their residence, you can never guess how they are going to react. Some people handle it in a normal manner and simply move on. However, others can turn on you and seek revenge. This kind of mentality can be hard to spot, so you want to make sure you protect your home from the latter, just in case your ex-roommate happens to be someone who would want to get even with you for their eviction.

Inform the neighbors

Your neighbors will think nothing of seeing your roommate coming and going. This means, your ex-roommate can come into your home and stay there for as long as they want, doing whatever they want, and none of your neighbors would ever think to report it. As far as they know, your ex-roommate still lives there and nothing is wrong. This is why you want to make sure you go to your neighbor's and make them aware of the situation. This way, they will call and report it if your ex-roommate shows up in the future and tries to enter your home.

Determine whether or not you need an order of protection

Sometimes, a roommate can become very angry and irrational over being evicted. If you have any concerns about the possibility of your old roommate becoming violent in the near future, then you may want to consider getting an order of protection against them. This will keep them from coming onto your property, or near you wherever you may be. It will also keep them from harassing you by phone and mail.

Change all the locks in your home

The very first thing you should do once you get your roommate out of your home is to go around your entire home and change the locks. Simply getting the keys back from your roommate isn't enough. You can't be sure that they didn't have copies of the keys made. You want to change all locks that access your home and the garage.

Also, if you have an alarm system, be sure you change the code. If you have a garage door opener that requires a code, then you want to reprogram this as well. Change any locks you have on your fences or gates while you are at it.

Once you follow the tips detailed above, you will feel safer and know you have taken the appropriate steps to protect yourself, your family and your home from the possibility of a vindictive ex-roommate. Talk to a professional likeLI Locksmiths Inc to start getting your locks changed.