If your door locks aren't always reliable at your commercial property and you worry that it's just a matter of time before you become a victim of a break-in or other complication, call a commercial locksmith. They can have the different locks looked at, as well as upgrade what you have.

The locksmith will make suggestions and give you a quote for the job. The quote that you get should include:

  • Cost for labor
  • Lock and material expenses
  • Timeline for the work to be completed

Ask what type of products the locksmith prefers to use and why. When you see what locks will be installed, inquire about the warranty that will come with the lock. Also, ask if there is any type of service warranty in case the locks are installed incorrectly or there are any concerns. Here are things that are ideal for a security upgrade.

Magnetic Key Code Locks

Enhancing the security around the property starts with replacing the locks on your exterior doors. Talk with the locksmith about replacing your current devices with magnetic locks. These use a strong magnetic forcefield to ensure enclosure.

The keycode security panel for opening allows you to control who comes in and out of these doors. They have these benefits:

  • Can control the locks online
  • Get notifications when the door is opened
  • Change the master code when needed on your own
  • Easy access outside the door

The locksmith will install the system and help you download the software, and show you how to run the locks. You can set the locks on timers, change them immediately if you have employee turnover, and more.

Motion-Sensored Video Monitoring

You want to be able to monitor what is going on around the building, even when you aren't sure. Many locksmiths are security professionals and have training beyond just changing locks, so ask if they can recommend or install a motion sensor camera by the exterior doors. This allows you to see who is coming in and out, and who attempts to get into the locked doors. These should be high resolution and have nighttime recording capabilities.

If you know that your locks aren't going to withstand someone trying to kick in your doors, or someone that knows how to disassemble a lock, it's time to talk with a locksmith and make the necessary changes. Get an estimate from a couple of locksmiths in your area to compare the costs if you want different pricing options and get the locks changed today.