Your main door lock helps protect your family and valuables. It keeps unauthorized people from accessing your home whether you are in or out. However, thieves can manipulate your main door lock, access your home, and steal your valuables. In many cases, thieves try as much as possible to leave no trail of evidence they were there. Luckily, there are ways you can know if someone messed with your main door lock. 

1. Fresh Nicks Around the Keyhole

If you notice some fresh nicks around your keyhole, you may be a victim of lock bumping. This is when thugs use a key with saw-like teeth to open your lock. They first insert the key into the lock and then pound it as they withdraw so it can grip the tumblers. Then, they turn the key and open the lock just as if they are using a normal key. The fresh nicks may also be caused by forcefully hitting the key. If you suspect your main door lock has been bumped, you should call a locksmith to replace the lock with a bump-proof lock or install a reliable anti-lock dumping gadget.

2. Tiny Scratches Around the Keyhole 

Your lock could develop normal aging scratches with time. But if you get home and realize your lock has weird scratches around the keyhole you have never seen before, the chances are that someone picked or manipulated your main door lock while you were away. The scratches could be caused by the movements of the rough picking gadgets. Therefore, you should inform the authorities so they can launch an investigation and call a seasoned locksmith to replace the compromised lock to restore your home security.

3. Bent or Warped Main Door Lock 

If you get home only to find your main door lock is warped or bent, you need no more telling someone broke into your home. Inspect the door carefully for scratches on the wood or metal. If it is true someone forced their way into your home, call the police and engage a locksmith to replace the lock without hesitation. The locksmith can help install a robust smart lock and link it with your phone, where you can get signals if someone tries to manipulate your main door lock.

If you spot any of these signs, you must call a certified locksmith immediately. They will be able to help you get a quality new lock for your main door and give you some tips on how to keep your home safe from intruders. For more information on locksmith services, contact a professional near you.