Few people think about the possible lock problems until they affect their families. However, as your home ages, the locks will suffer age-related wear and tear like the other parts. It is advisable to get a locksmith involved in resolving the problem immediately it happens. Also, understand some of the most common door lock problems and ways to fix them with minimal damage to the door. Here are three of the most common ones and their solutions. 

Looseness and Misalignment

Loose and misaligned locks are a common issue with older doors. The bolt should align with the strike plate when the door is new, and a professional installed the lock. However, if one of the parts is off by even a minimal percentage, the lock will not work as efficiently as it should. You might cause the misalignment by being too rough on the door when closing it. Changes in the humidity and home foundation issues could also lead to the door and the lock shifting out of alignment, leading to misalignment. A locksmith will realign the lock and restore its function. 

The Key Has Stopped Working

Sometimes you might try opening your house and have a key break inside the lock. At other times, it gets stuck in the lock or fails to get inside the lock completely. You should try and remove the broken piece of the keys with pliers. However, if you cannot efficiently pull out the keys, call a locksmith to help with the repairs. 

Slow Door Locks

Slow locks are another common issue with the doors. They often result when you have accumulated dirt and grime either in the lock or keyhole. If you notice that you have to try it several times before getting it open the door, consider cleaning the internal system. You can use a cotton swab and a cleaning solution to remove dirt from inside the lock. You could also apply some silicon spray onto the lock to lubricate it. 

Faulty Doors

The problem might not be with the lock but with the door mechanism. Continued use leads to wear and tear, which damages the locks. Locksmiths will replace them for a secure home. They will also recommend lock types that suffer minimal wear and tear and other damages.

Get a commercial locksmith service to assess your locks and determine the level of damage they could be experiencing. They will help you secure your premises and minimize the door and lock inconveniences.