Many people go a long time without ever having to call a locksmith, which means they don't know all of the valuable services these professionals provide. However, not only do some locksmiths offer commercial services, but there are locksmiths who offer a variety of residential services for their customers, too. Their primary job is to help clients with locks of all different kinds. These are some of the different types of locks that a residential locksmith should be able to help you with.

Exterior Locks and Deadbolts

Residential locksmiths help homeowners with exterior locks and deadbolts. For example, if you need help unlocking your door after locking your keys inside, or if you think it's time to install a new lock because you have been having trouble with your old one, then a locksmith should be able to assist you. They can provide great recommendations about residential locks and deadbolts and can ensure they are installed properly.


You might have a safe in your home that you use for storing cash, important documents, or valuables. You might also have a gun safe, which is important if you want to keep your firearms secure and if you want to be a responsible gun owner. Unfortunately, though, you might be having trouble accessing your safe for some reason. For example, you might have lost the key or combination for your safe, or you might feel as if your safe is malfunctioning in some way. In these situations, working with a locksmith is often the best solution.

Window Locks

Not only is it important to have secure locks on your doors, but it's also important to have secure locks on your windows. You will want them to be easy to lock and unlock from the inside for convenience and safety, too. Fortunately, your locksmith should be able to help with repairing your existing window locks or installing new ones, if necessary.


If there is a padlock on your property that you can't open — such as if you have lost the key to the padlock that is used to keep your fence closed and secured — then you might be unsure of what you should do next. You may not know how to gain entry without the key. Fortunately, a locksmith can help with either making a key that will work with the padlock or removing the padlock and adding a different one, then giving you the key.

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