Exit bars exist in commercial buildings because they're large and thus easier for people to use as opposed to standard doorknobs. They're often installed on emergency exits where quick access outside is needed. You can buy commercial steel door exit bar controls for your property if you use these steps.

Look for Fire-Rated 

If you're planning to put an exit bar on an emergency door in case there is a fire, then you want to ensure it has a fire-rated design. That lets you know right off the bat the exit bar was made with the occurrence of fires in mind.

You can buy feeling good about the exit bar working like it's supposed to in case there is a fire that occurs in your commercial building. Having this fire-rated design also is key when your building goes through inspections. You won't be fined for not having the appropriate commercial door hardware. 

Get a Reversible Design 

If you want to make setting up an exit bar on a commercial door a lot easier to do, then you might go with a bar that has a reversible design. It lets you install the bar on both right-handed and left-handed doors. You thus don't have to worry about choosing an exit bar that isn't compatible.

A reversible design also is nice to have because if you decide to upgrade doors and it goes from being right-handed to left-handed or vice versa, you don't have to buy another exit bar. You can just use the same one after changing its configuration.

Make Sure Performance Is Consistent

Since the exit bar on one of your commercial doors is playing an important role, especially during emergencies, you want to ensure it always provides consistent opening performance. You don't want any mechanisms failing and thus causing the exit bar to jam.

In your search, try going with an exit bar that has been on the marketplace for a long time and has reliable parts that you can trust to work appropriately. Also, emphasize durable materials for the exit bar like steel. They'll help the exit bar withstand abuse as to work correctly over and over.

Exit bars are available in different sizes, grades, and designs. You'll want to look at these details carefully before deciding so that after the exit bar is set up on your commercial door, it provides reliable performance when it's needed the most.