If your commercial building has ever been broken into, you know how vulnerable your business is. Security systems go a long way towards protecting your commercial building. But, to be truly protected, you need to start with the locks. A security system can deter burglars. But, sturdy locks can prevent the burglary altogether. That's where a commercial locksmith comes into the picture. Here are four ways a commercial locksmith can help to secure your building. 

Install Commercial Deadbolts 

If you don't have deadbolts on your commercial doors, it's time to have those installed. Without deadbolts, burglars can kick their way right into your building. Deadbolts add another layer of security to your doors. Deadbolts can't be picked, kicked, or bumped. In fact, a high-quality commercial deadbolt can't be drilled through either. Once your deadbolts are installed, your doors will have the protection they need. 

Change the Locks

If you have ordinary residential locks on your commercial doors, you need to make a change. Ordinary locks are prime targets for burglars. With the right tools, those locks can be picked and bumped. Bumping is the practice of using a small tool to bump the locking mechanism out of the way. Once the lock has been bumped, the door will open right up. Credit cards can also be used to break into ordinary locks. High-quality commercial locks prevent bumping and picking. They also make it impossible to use credit cards for entry. 

Reinforce the Strike Plates

If you haven't had a locksmith reinforce the strike plate, now's the time to do that. Reinforced strike plates and heavy-duty screws help to ensure a strong latch. The depth of the screws helps to hold the reinforced strike plate in place, which helps to secure the latch. Once you have the reinforced strike plate, burglars will have a harder time breaking into your commercial building. 

Guard the Hinges

If you can see the door hinges from the outside, you need to take action right away. When hinges are exposed, the rod can be removed in a matter of minutes. Once the hinge rods are removed, the door will lift right out of the frame. One way to prevent that is to have hinge guards installed on your exterior doors. Once the guards are in place, you'll be able to open and close your doors, but burglars won't be able to access the hinges. 

Don't let your commercial building become a target for criminals. Contact a commercial locksmith right away. They can take care of the upgrades described here.