If you have a home, you more than likely have multiple locks in your home. Most of the times, the locks in your home will function as you intend them too, but sometime, they will act up. When your locks act-up, it is important that you know how to deal with common issues.

Issue #1: Key Will Not Go In

One of the most common lock issues is a key that will not go into the lock.

The first thing you should always check when a key will not go into a lock is that you are using the correct key. It is easy to try the wrong key, especially if you have a lot on your mind, and get frustrated when it doesn't work. When a key doesn't work, always check to make sure you are using the right key.

If you are trying to use a key that you just had made for the lock, the key may not go into the lock because it wasn't cut correctly. The cut has to be precise to work, and if it is off a little bit too much, the key will need to be recut.

Issue #2: Lock Turns Slowly

Sometimes, the key goes into the lock, but it just doesn't seem to turn smoothly like it used to. If the key will still go into the lock, but gives you resistance once its inside, more than likely, the inside of the lock is dirty.

You can take a q-tip and clean out the entrance of the lock and see if that works. If the q-tip method doesn't do the job, you can apply a silicone spray or a graphite spray to the lock. Do not use any oil or grease-based lubricants though. That can just cause more issues.

If you can't seem to get the lock clean on your own, bring in a locksmith to professionally clean the lock for you.

Issue #3: Key Breaks Off

Finally, if your key breaks off in your lock, you are going to need to call in a locksmith. A locksmith will be able to take the lock apart and remove the key. More than likely, you will need to replace the entire lock if a key breaks off inside of the lock.

This is a situation that is best avoided. Take your time when you unlock your doors, and if a key ever won't turn, don't try to make it turn. Forcing a key to turn is the most common reason a key breaks off in a lock. A key may also break off if it is really worn down.

Knowing how to take care of common lock issues can allow you to take care of easy problems on your own and give you the knowledge to know when you should call in for back-up from a professional locksmith.

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