As a burglar walks down the street, he's desperate to find his next victim. He is on the lookout for a house that looks like it's going to be easy to get into and that looks as if there are many treasures for him to make off with. If he can find a house where no one is home, then that's all the better; it means he won't have to worry about a possible confrontation with the homeowner.

He will look for dark hidden places

The first thing the burglar will look for are dark spots around entrance doors and/or windows where he can hide in the shadows while he breaks into the house. Those areas also need to be free of thick brush and rose bushes so he won't have to worry about hurting himself while he is trying to get in.

He will make sure there's no security system or cameras

The burglar will also want to make sure there is no security system protecting the home or cameras in place. He knows the system will alert the household and law enforcement to a break-in. He also knows that the cameras will record his image so law enforcement can locate and prosecute him for the crime.

He will look for a door that doesn't have a deadbolt on it

The burglar will quietly make his way around the house looking for a weak door. This is a door that doesn't have a deadbolt on it. He knows that this door will be the one that's going to be the easiest one for him to break into. If he can't find a proper door, then he looks for another weakness.

He will look for an easy window to get into

He will quietly continue making his way around the house looking for open windows and if there is none, then he tries to find one that's going to be simple to get into. This will be one that has a single lock he can unlock by rocking the glass back and forth. If all the windows are secured with sturdy dual locking systems, then he knows he must find another entrance.

He will try the garage door

The burglar walks over to the garage door. He takes a long wire he brought with him and he unwinds it. He slides it through the top of the garage door trying to loop the end into the door's emergency lever that's located near the garage opener motor. He sees that the home owner has secured the garage door's emergency lever by wiring it to the door's track.

Defeated and afraid that he's now been at the scene too long the burglar leaves. He moves on to look for another house to victimize. If you would like to protect your house from break-ins then you should make sure you don't offer a burglar dark shadows to hide in, install a security system and cameras, have a locksmith put deadbolts put on all the doors, have good locks put on all the windows and secure the emergency lever for your garage door. Contact a business like Hicks Safes & Locks Inc to find out more information.