When replacing the locks on your home, it is very important that you do not overlook the many types of high-tech locks on the market in favor of traditional ones, mostly because the high-tech locks can offer you many advantages that the traditional locks cannot really compete with. Listed below are just two of the reasons to consider having a locksmith install a high-tech lock on your home.

Hard To Lock Yourself Out

One of the best reasons to use a high-tech lock is that most of them have multiple methods for opening them, which can make it very unlikely that you will be able to lock yourself out of the house. For example, a standard wireless lock will often allow you to use an app from your smartphone or access a secure website to unlock the door remotely in addition to being able to use a normal key if you do not have your phone on you or access to the Internet.

As a result, locking yourself out of your home would require you to forget not only your keys but also your phone or tablet. Locking yourself out of your house becomes even more unlikely if you choose to install a biometric lock that lets you into the home after you scan your fingerprint.

Convenient To Use

Finally, many of the high-tech locks on the market are actually very convenient to use in that they do not really require you to do anything aside from turning the doorknob when you get home. For example, many high-tech locks will use sensors to detect when a dongle or smartphone with the appropriate permissions is within range and unlock when it detects one of those items. Typically, you will have to be very close to the lock for the sensor to detect the dongle or smartphone for security reasons. 

This is a very useful aspect because it means that you will not have to fumble around in your pocket for your keys or phone to access an app to unlock the door. This makes it ideal for use on rainy days or if you simply have your hands full bringing in groceries.

Contact a professional locksmith today in order to discuss which high-tech lock would be the best fit for your needs and your budget. These types of locks are great options that can make it hard to lock yourself out of your home and are very convenient to use. Contact a company like Suburban Lock for more info.