Keeping your guns in a safe is a great way to help keep them out of the wrong hands. 29% of American gun owners with kids under 12 still fail to lock their guns up properly, which can lead to fatal accidents in the home. Placing your guns in a safe that only you have the code or key to is a great start, and here are other great tips to make sure your weapons really are under lock and key.

Always store guns without ammo

You may be tempted to store your guns with at least one bullet in the chamber in case you need to use it in an emergency, but this compromises your weapons' safety in the event a child does break into your safe. Studies have shown that even toddlers can break into a traditional gun safe, so always store guns without them being loaded. Keep ammunition in another safe (possibly in another room) so in the event a child does get into your gun safe, they have no bullets to shoot by accident.

Get a security camera

A wireless security camera keeping watch of your gun safe allows you to be able to view your safe from your laptop, smartphone, or other device whenever you wish. This way, you know that your safe is not being tampered with while you are at work and your children are at home and that it is secure during the night when curious kiddos may come poking around. You can have a security company install a camera discreetly in the room where you keep your gun safe as well as a camera just outside the door so you can always be aware of movement near your guns.

Change your combination often

You'd be surprised how easily kids figure out passwords to things, and your gun safe combination is no exception. Change your gun safe code once a month to a totally different code, and keep the new combination in an area where it cannot be easily located. If your kids do manage to get by your security cameras to your safe and they know a previous combination, they can be halted in their efforts in not knowing your current code. This simple maneuver can be life-saving and can deter kids from trying to break into your safe in the future.

Keeping your guns safely locked away from your children is something you need to do to help protect them. The more precautions you take, the more likely you are to keep your guns out of the wrong hands.

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