When you are purchasing a new car, you will usually be given two keys and you must pay extra for additional keys. If you purchase a used car, they will sometimes only have one old key to give you. Having two keys is usually the bare minimum, but there are some reasons why you may want more. Still, you should also be careful not to purchase too many keys.  

The Downside Of Having Too Many

The downside of having too many cars made is that there are more keys floating around that can end up in the wrong hands. This may force you to have your car rekeyed causing you to waste the money that was originally spent on the extra keys. Fortunately, there are insurance policies that cover the cost of losing your keys, making this less of a risk. There is also a general key cover policy that covers your house and car keys.

How Expensive It Costs To Replace Keys

If you lose your keys, the cost of replacing them will be based on the type of car you have. Older cars that don't have fobs are cheaper to purchase new keys for. However, these keys are less secure. Car fobs are more expensive if the fob must be made specifically for your car. Fortunately, many new cars have features that allow the fobs to be programmed by anyone, making them less expensive.

Why You Should Buy An Extra Set From The Dealer

The cheapest time to purchase an extra set of keys is when you are originally purchasing your car from the dealer. You may even be able to negotiate to have an extra set thrown in for free, which is especially important when purchasing a used car and when the dealer.  

Buying Keys After You Have Purchased A Vehicle

After you have purchased your car, you can still purchase another set of replacement car keys from an auto locksmith. Contact the locksmith ahead of time and he or she will provide you with a list of auto manufacturers that he or she is able to cut keys for. Not all locksmiths are able to unlock all cars because all modern cars use transponder chip keys. The locksmith will need the capability to create the type of chip used by your car brand. The locksmith will be able to reconfigure your car to accept a different key and remove the old keys from the vehicle's database.