Do you own a home that has multiple residents and want to make sure that only specific people are allowed in a certain room? You may want to consider an investment in restricted keyway locks, as they can provide more security over other lock types. In this article, learn about restricted keyway locks and what getting them installed might cost if you hire a locksmith.

What are Restricted Keyway Locks?

Restricted keyway locks are designed to give you more control over your keys. Keyways are designed with a customized cylinder that is created for a specific keyway system. You will actually be assigned a private number that verifies that you are the owner of the keyway lock system. Your keys will also be created based on the number that you are assigned.

A locksmith will install a custom pin and tumbler system inside of your keyway lock cylinder. A pin and tumbler system is basically a set of pins that must be manipulated the right way for a door to open. The good thing about a keyway lock is that your unique key can only be duplicated at the company that is responsible for installing the keyway lock system.

What If Duplicate Keys are Needed?

When you visit a locksmith that is in the business of creating keyway lock systems, you will have to fill out a form. The form is needed to gather your personal information, and it will list everyone that is allowed to get a duplicate key. The locksmith will store all of the information in a file for future reference.

If someone that is not listed on the form attempts trying to duplicate a key, it won't be possible. Even if the person takes the key to another locksmith, he or she will be told to go to the specific company that installed the keyway lock system. No duplicate keys will be made unless you allow it, and you must add all future authorized users to your file that the locksmith has.

What Does it Cost for a Locksmith to Install New Locks?

You can expect to pay a mobile fee for a locksmith to visit your home and install new locks that can average $120 plus, which includes labor as well. Your price can average $130 or more if the locksmith is installing a keyway lock system that requires key duplication from a specific locksmith. Speak to a locksmith so he or she can get your door secured as soon as possible!