If you are an apartment property manager, you will want to do your best in keeping your tenants safe from theft. Having proper security measures in place within the apartment complex will cover you from liability and make your apartments more desirable, thus keeping your units and your pockets filled. Here are some tips you can use around your complex to ensure the safety of your tenants.

Security Systems

Having a security system in place is a huge plus in keeping tenants safe. Make sure that cameras are in working order at all times and that they are recording any activity around the property. Install locking gates around swimming pools and lawn areas that are not being used during nighttime hours. Make sure all areas are well-lit and replace any burned-out bulbs immediately.


All staff members should be in uniform at all times within the apartment complex grounds. This includes maintenance workers. Each staff member needs to have a form of identification to show tenants upon request. If this procedure is in place, people posing as employees would not be able to gain entry into apartments by tenants as easily.


When a new apartment unit opens up for rent, do a thorough interview of the potential tenant before allowing them to sign a lease. Do a background check of these people, as well. You are under no obligation to allow someone to move into your apartment if you believe they are a risk to the other tenants. This same procedure should be done with anyone trying to become an employee of your complex.

Safe Practice

Inform your tenants about crime prevention tips they can take to help protect themselves. Type up a list of security measure they can take to help keep themselves and their belongings safe from theft. Having a doorman in place for larger buildings may be a big help in keeping tenants safe, as well. Set up a procedure where guests would need to show photo identification upon entering the building and do not allow them near the apartments without prior approval from the person they intend to visit. 

Make sure all doors and windows have working locks. You may want a locksmith, like Irvine Lock & Key, to change the locks whenever an old tenant moves out. This will ensure that no one will use old keys to gain entry to a new person's belongings. Using a key card or keypad to gain entry to areas within the complex could be a help, since you can change cards or passwords periodically without having to issue tenants new keys or locks. Constant change can help keep thieves from getting inside areas that are off-limits to people not living in the complex.