If you are in the process of moving from one house to another, you are mostly stressed about making sure belongings get into their new spots safely. While this is a valid concern, it often distracts movers, making them vulnerable to a break-in or theft while trying to get their items into their new home.

Here are some tips you can use when moving to a new neighborhood in an attempt to keep you and your family safe from a robbery:


When moving to a new home, cardboard boxes that had housed your items during the ride over will be taking up a lot of room, cluttering up the area. A lot of people take these boxes and place them outdoors for garbage or recycling pick up. This is a sure sign that there is new moving in activity in the house, announcing to thieves that there may be some exciting goods inside for the taking.

Instead of placing your refuse outdoors, break the boxes down and take them to an off-site recycling center. Keep your items in the boxes, stacked up against walls, and out-of-the-way until you unpack them. Get rid of them a little at a time instead of with one large haul to the curb.

Locks And Alarms

The first thing you should do when moving to a new home, is change the locks. You have no idea who has access to the keys to the locks that are currently in place. Change out the hardware on every single window and door to ensure that there is no way for someone to gain entry without your knowledge.

Installing new door knobs with locks can be done on your own, but it is best to have a professional come to install some more sophisticated hardware to keep thieves from breaking and entering. Adding a security system at this time would be beneficial, as well.

Adding a security system sign in front of your home will help deter breaking in even if you do not have a security system. The same works with a "beware of the dog" sign.


When moving to a new home, there are bound to be a few nosy people in the neighborhood. When they pass by your home, it is best that they are not able to see any valuable electronics from the sidewalk or street. Make sure to place curtains in your windows to make it harder to peer inside when moving in. Keep your large televisions and stereo equipment tucked in a corner or on a wall where they will not be seen from someone looking at your home.

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