Every once in a while, it's possible you could lock your keys inside of your car. Distractions or simple forgetfulness can cause people to forget that their keys are inside the vehicle, leaving them stranded. If this happens to you, it is important to be safe while you wait for help. Here are some good safety tips to ensure you get back into your car without incident.

Call Someone Immediately

If you have a family member nearby who has a spare key, this is your best option to get into your car quickly and without any extra cost. If you don't have this option, call a locksmith, like Agape 24 Hour Locksmith Columbia, or AAA as soon as possible. Most police officers no longer help with getting passengers back into their car, but they may be willing to sit with you if you're in an area where you feel unsafe until a locksmith can get there. Calling someone for assistance is the first thing you should do. Let them know exactly where you are, and what kind of car you have so they can spot you easily. If there are children or pets with you, be sure to tell the locksmith the level of urgency when you call.

Get Somewhere Safe

Depending on where you end up stranded and the time of day, you might not be in the best area. Get to a public spot that is well lit rather than stand next to your car in a dark area. Only do this if you don't have to walk far, as it's never a good idea to leave your vehicle alone or to walk long distances alone. Criminals often look for people who seem distressed or stranded, so mix in with a crowd at a shopping center, or sit in a restaurant where there are plenty of people around until help arrives. It's never a good idea to stand near your car alone.

Let People Know

If you're in a remote area and you feel unsafe or uncomfortable, you should let a close friend or family member know what happened. Tell them exactly where you are and that you will call them back as soon as you're safe and able to get back into your car. While most people end up getting back into their car safely and in a decent amount of time, it can make you feel better and can also be a good way to ensure that you're protected if something goes wrong. This is especially applicable for people who have locked themselves out of their car in a place where not many people are nearby.